dairy products for the professional

The professional alternative to cream

Discover in Vermuyten a wide range of cream alternatives.
Try our products in your culinary delights, meals, coffee, cakes and decorations
Vermuyten has got everything you need to enjoy a unique and delicious treat.

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The choice of the
most demanding professionals,
accessible to all

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Why Vermuyten


Food Safety

Food safety is one of Vermuyten’s top priorities.
We comply with the highest standards and keep a variety of certifications, guaranteeing the quality and safety of all our products.


Constant innovation

We strive to stay at the cutting-edge of the industry by incorporating new technologies and processes to offer our clients the most state-of-the-art products.


Professional Experience

Back by nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, our products are designed especially to meet the needs of professionals in the pastry, hospitality, restaurant and retail industries.



Our products are versatile and adapt to a wide array of cuisines, offering chefs and pastry chefs infinite possibilities.


Quality and excellence for professionals

We’re your reliable partner if you are a professional in the pastry, hospitality, restaurant or retail industry, fulfilling your needs for high-quality products within Spain and internationally.

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