The Topping Royale Duo Gold obtains the 2016 ITQI Award for Superior Taste

The members of the ITQI jury made up of International Chefs and Sommeliers rate our product as exceptional, giving it three stars.

Topping Royale Duo Gold is a dairy preparation with excellent flavor based on animal and vegetable cream. It is designed for professional users and can be used for cooking and assembly. For cooking, Dúo Gold guarantees great stability when adding acids and/or alcohols, it does not distort the flavors and provides optimal color to your preparations. We can make creamy sauces, soups, quiches… To assemble, Duo Gold guarantees greater performance, excellent firmness and stability and a very natural white color. Mousses, bavaroises or traditional cakes will be perfect.

During last April, the International Flavor and Quality Institute (ITQI) organized a tasting where the products are evaluated blindly through a very rigorous sensory analysis process. Each of the products tasted is evaluated within the framework of a sensory analysis report, for which the criteria of smell, appearance, flavor, texture and taste are carefully observed by the members of the Jury. They also write comments and, when necessary, suggestions for product improvement. The members of the iTQI Jury, coming from 17 different countries, are part of the most prestigious culinary associations in Europe.

Like the Michelin guide, iTQI does not organize a competition, but rather rewards products on their own merits. Only products that obtain a minimum score of 70% receive a “Superior Taste Award” with one, two or three gold stars.

  • 1 gold star: overall score between 70% and 80% notable flavor.
  • 2 gold stars: overall score between 80% and 90% remarkable flavor.
  • 3 gold stars: score equal to or greater than 90% exceptional flavor.

3 gold stars: score equal to or greater than 90% exceptional flavor. The “ITQI Superior Taste Award” is the only seal of quality in flavor awarded by opinion leaders, Chefs and Sommeliers with Michelin stars.

The Topping Royale Duo Gold obtained the favorable opinion of 91% of the jury in the tasting, which is why it has been awarded the highest possible distinction: three stars. The team at Professional Dairy Products S.L. is proud of this recognition and wants to share it with all of you.